Daytona's 75th Bike Week

It's hard to recap almost two weeks of a wild and crazy event into a short blog post and to be honest, some of it we don't remember (thanks to Indian's open bar party) but we will do our best and let the photos pick up the slack. 

Being from Central FL, Daytona is just a short hour ride away so starting our Bike Week early to shoot with Michael Lichter for Easyriders Magazine wasn't a problem at all. We got to ride with the Rossmeyer sisters, Moffit Motors, Bill Dodge and even Jim Root from Slipknot was on the ride. It was a fun day of riding through the Spanish Moss covered trees on "the loop" and dodging tourist and getting sandy riding on the beach. 

The launch of 1903 Magazine Issue NO. 2 happen to be on the first official day of Bike Week and we threw a party at Orlando Harley to celebrate and give out a mag to everyone who came. 

There were so many great experiences but getting to ride in the Harley Davidson Women's Only MDA ride with Karen Davidson and help raise money for such a wonderful cause was right at the top. We were even interviewed for Harley's recap video. 

We work with pretty amazing people and when it was time to shoot the Hot Leathers campaign they let us have our way with it which included a ton of riding while Michael Lichter captured it all. We went straight from the MDA ride to shooting on Main Street, Riding the Loop, Riding on the Beach, Eating Tacos and hanging at the Iron Horse. 

It's not every day that you get to ride race bikes on the beach or streets but when you hang out with hooligans anything can happen. We teamed up with the crew at Roland Sands Designs and Suicide Machine Co. for a day of riding, filming and hanging. 

Wyotech was celebrating their 50th anniversary during Bike Week and to get the word out we teamed up with Triumph to do a "Weekend Build" on the new Street Twin using Triumph's new line of parts and accessories in front of a live audience. 

Bill Dodge trows a party every year and it's one not to miss. As always it was great but the best part with getting a chance to meet with Motor Maid Gloria Struck. Gloria started riding in 1941 and still rides thousands of miles a year. She said her goal is to be riding when she's 100. Turning 91 years old and celebrating 70 years as a Motor Maid, Gloria has been titled as "The matriarch of women riders". She certainly is ours and spending this little bit of time chatting about what it was like to be a woman rider at a time when there were so few, meant the world to us. It's women like Gloria and groups like the Motor Maids that did all the hard work to make groups like ours and riders like you possible.