"New Year, New Us!"

As a group we joke around about the tried and true cliché that faithfully reemerges at the start of every calendar year: "New Year, New Me". Countless memes swirled across social media, contrasted by just as many posts of the people who actually chose to seize the fresh page on their calendar as an opportunity to begin anew. While we may have made light of the age-old trope of spontaneous reinvention, that is exactly what 2017 has proven to be for The Iron Lilies: a new beginning.

A few of the original crew of ladies chose to step away from the group to chase their aspirations, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them. As riding partners and acquaintances grew into close friends and confidants, naturally, we welcomed new members into our group as well. (You can learn more about them by clicking on our Meet Us page.)

Our most exciting developments, however, have less to do with us, and more to do with you! That's right, you, the one who is reading this! We want to meet and ride with you! As of today, we are opening up our membership in an attempt to connect with as many like-minded women as we can. If you love riding and want to meet women from all walks of life (and corners of the globe) who feel the way you do, then maybe becoming an Iron Lilies Rider is for you!

Another progression we've made is a change in the focus of our group. We have a developed a strong core group of members who are devoted to organizing and maintaining this network of women in a positive and productive space. It is because of this that we have chosen to develop a non-profit organization called The Iron Lilies Foundation. The vision and mission of our foundation can be found by clicking HERE. We have received so much support and love from all of you, that we feel obliged to give some love back. We hope to commit to a charity annually for which we will donate both time and money raised by all of our members.

We've got so many more meet-ups, rides, trips and all-around good times planned, that I can hardly keep myself from spilling the beans right here, but part of the element of excitement is surprising you all with all of those cool things along the way!

We thank all of you for being patient as we made this transition, but we promise to make it worth the wait! Please continue to check back with us here for more blog posts, events, and general news. Please also feel free to follow us on Instagram (@ironlilies) and Facebook for more shenanigans!

We look forward to spending what is certain to be one hell of a year with all of you, and, ladies, don't forget to check out the membership page, so that we may grow our network of badass biker ladies!

Yours in Moto-Sisterhood,
The Iron Lilies Board Members