Some of the Newest IL Riders!

Jess F.: Corning, NY

Jess Forman, IL Rider

Known on IG as @flaming0inaflockofpigeons , Jess has been a huge supporter of IL and lives and breathes all things moto. Jess rides an '06 H-D Sportster 883 and rocks a bright orange Biltwell Gringo that is reflective of her vibrant spirit and personality.

When we asked Jessie why she was interested in becoming an Iron Lily, one of the things that resonated with us were these words:
"Being able to reach out to women who have similar interests and being able to get that feedback and knowledge along with that sense of 'me too!' would be a blessing. You can't put a price tag on that."

A commitment to giving back to the women's community is something Jessie is excited about!

We couldn't be more thrilled to have such a spunky, supportive rider in our crew. Welcome, Jessie, we are lucky to have you!

Kitty M.: Silver Spring, MD

Kitty M. hails from Bulgaria, bur was raised in Italy. Four years ago she moved to Maryland, but has been tearing up the pavement for the past 15 years.

When asked why she was interested in becoming an Iron Lilies Rider, she responded, "I don't know many other ladies like us and know that there is an international network that can connect and bring us together and know that i'm a part of it can't make me any happier and My heart beats in unison with the rumble of my bike, Johnny!!!"

Kitty, we completely understand the feeling and are so happy to have you in the group!

Sabrina s.: orlando, FL

Sabrina is no stranger to the Orlando women's riding community. She's been hanging around with the girls for months before deciding to make it official. A bike polo legend and overall badass, Sabrina said she joined because she wants "to support women in the motorcycling community and to ride my Harley with awesome ladies!"

She rips it regularly on that 2017 H-D Iron 883 and has quickly become a killer rider!

Kayla G.: BErea, KY

Kayla ILMC

Kayla tears up the pavement of some of the most beautiful roads in the southern part of the U.S. Hailing from Kentucky, she rips her H-D Sportster Forty-Eight as much as she can. She very eloquently articulated what she loves about being a part of the group:

I want to meet other women that share the passion of riding and encouraging other women to do the same. I  desire to be around others that help fuel my passion and that I am able to do the same. I want to be able to do more on my bike, whether that is to push my comfort zone and learn new things or to contribute to a bigger positive cause. 

Kayla, we couldn't have put it better! We are so happy to have you and can't wait to pound out some miles with you!

Kelly Y.: San pedro, ca

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Kelly is no stranger to the Iron Lilies; we've been aquainted with her amazing moto pictures for some time. Needless to say, we were stoked when she decided to become a part of the group. She had this to say:

I love passionate people, living my life with passion, and being surrounded by individuals who seek to make this world a rad-er place. You ladies absolutely rock and I will always be a number one fan of the crew. From Florida to California, and all around the world, I hope to share the IL mission with as many people as I possibly can. Can't wait till I see you gals at the next event. 

We are so humbled and grateful to call this lady a Lily. You can follow her on Instagram at @kellyyazdi and see more photos of her tearing it up on various bikes!