We're Headed to Laconia

When Laconia Harley asked if we could come up and be a part of the oldest bike week in America we didn't even hesitate with our answer. Bike Weeks are kind of our thing and we make the most of them while we're there. Plus we had been wanting to do a group trip and this seemed like the best opportunity for that in a place none of us had been to before.

We decided quickly to ride up instead of fly or haul even though after the ride up we are leading 11 more days of riding before riding back and that's a lot of miles, but there just wasn't a good enough reason not to ride. We do 300 and 400 straight runs together quite a bit but never 1400 miles one way so this will be a new experience all together. 

Our schedule is filled with events, rides, shoots, concerts, meet and greets, hill climbs, swap meets and randomness so be sure and check out our events page if you want to join in on the fun. To keep up with what's going on check out our Laconia Page for multiple daily updates, an interactive map to follow where we are, photos, videos, blog and all our social feeds in one place.