Why I ride a Harley

Recently someone asked me why I choose to ride a Harley when there area so many other options when owning a motorcycle. I didn't even hesitate with my answer. To me it's because of Heritage, Legacy and Tradition. I was basically born on a Harley. My father built them in the living room of our house and in my youth I was either on one (my own or the back of his) or in the garage taking them apart and putting them back together. When I got older and realized that other bikes besides HD's existed; bikes where some were lighter, lower, less expensive, and had better stock parts, I still chose to buy and ride a Harley because it's the main connection I have with my father and that value is priceless. 

As cheesy as it sounds there is a sense of cool and badass that comes when you ride a Harley. The men and women who rode these motorcycles while they were in their infancy were rebels, military and free thinkers who broke the societal norm to experience freedom and independence. Somehow that expression and mindset carries over onto every person who throws a leg over one of these beast for their own adventure. 

I'll admit it, I love that feeling. I'm addicted to that moment of transcendence into my inner badass and gyspy self but that's not enough. Every morning when I go into the garage and see my Iron I think of my father. My bike stands as a constant reminder of the most memorable times in my life; past, present and the ones I have yet to create and I do it all in honor of him. That's why I ride a Harley and always will. -Leticia Cline